Audi Quattro Coupe may be produced in 2-3 years


The Audi Quattro Concept was first showed in the 2010 Paris Motor Show, also it really sparked the eye of numerous visitors. With favorable reaction in the public, word has it that Audi is seriously thinking about turning the idea model into reality to celebrate its original Quattro’s 30th anniversary.

Based on a report from the Inside Line, Audi will make a decision whether allow it the production of the Audi Quattro by this September in the course of the Frankfurt Motor Show. However, Quattro GmbH boss Stephan Reil has validated the ultimate decision continues to be postponed. But he optimistically mentioned the production version could be restricted to just 500-1,000 models each year.

If created, the Audi Quattro Coupe can get its power from the RS5, which has about 450 horsepower. Additionally, Reil stated, “we need more power than the RS5, and it would have to be mounted longitudinally”.

Chances are the Audi Quattro is going to be created somewhere later on, it is only Audi management team must further measure the benefits to warrant the development. The head of Quattro GmbH alsom mentioned the Audi Quattro’s development would take a minimum of 2-3 years, and will also be much like those of Audi R8 supercar.

Regardless of the situation, we’ll know perfectly soon with this September. We’ll keep you updated of the coming news.