Range Rover Evoque production started on July 4th


17101Range Rover Evoque” /Range-Rover-Evoque

The Range Rover Evoque just started production on Monday, July 4, at Land Rover’s Halewood plant. The Evoque will be produced on the same production line as the Land Rover Freelander. An initial production of about 20,000 or so units will go straight to fulfill the pre-order list.

The Range Rover Evoque has already raked in 18,000 advance orders from customers in more than 170 countries worldwide. Range Rover is expecting the Evoque to sell a 50/50 share offive-door and three-door models.

Dr. Speth said, “It is a groundbreaking product, a Range Rover with concept car looks, lightweight technologies and the capability to deliver 50mpg (4.7L/100km) fuel economy. At the same time it’s still a true Range Rover that’s agile, nimble, designed to survive in the urban jungle and capable of tackling the toughest climates and terrains thanks to Land Rover’s legendary all-wheel drive expertise.”

Deliveries of the Range Rover Evoque are set to begin at around November this year.