Jaguar XF Sport Break Estate confirmed in the works


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Jaguar head designer Ian Callun has confirmed the company’s plans of producing a Jaguar XF Sport Break station wagon. Jaguar has already sketched the first design of the wagon. The Jaguar XF estate is currently in the works according to the XF’s vehicle engineering manager.

Given the size of the current Jaguar XF model, Ian Callum stated that the XF Sport Break won’t be the most spacious in its class, but the sportiness characteristic will more than make up for this. The Jaguar XF Sport Break station wagon will be slightly different from the XF Coupe, and we can assume that difference is no other than a giant bump in the rear.

No specific engine details of the Sport Break have been released yet, but reports say to expect the powertrains come from the sedan model.

With Mercedes the last premium European automaker to offer a wagon in the U.S., Jaguar may bring the XF Sport Break station wagon to the States to compete against the Mercedes-Benz E-Class, Audi A6 Avant, and BMW 5 Series station wagon models.

Station wagons aren’t that popular in the U.S., and we don’t expect the Jaguar XF Sport Break station wagon to be available in the U.S. anytime soon. But that may change if Jaguar decided to want a piece of the pie.