Ford’s Mad Max Interceptors at 2011 Australian International Motor Show


Two Ford’s Mad Max Interceptors makes its display at 2011 Australian International Motor Show, and nearly 10,000 car enthusiasts have voted to choose the next Mad Max Interceptor version. The Mad Max Interceptor is the remaking of the 1973 Ford XB Falcon GT351 in the Mad Max movie.

The two latest designs of the Mad Max Interceptors were on display for diehard fans around the world. Ford Australia’s Melbourne-based Asia, Pacific and Australia Design Director, Chris Svensson, said the project had been a spectacular success.

“It has given our team a lot of scope to really extend their imaginations and come up with some exciting new ideas,” Svensson said.

“The team has been able to get quite creative because the Mad Max car is not constrained by the normal design parameters imposed by a real-world vehicle.”

If you weren’t aware why these two Mad Max Interceptor suddenly arise, there will be the fourth sequel of movie called Mad Mad 4: Fury Road. And it will be staring  Tom Hardy, Teresa Palmer and Charlize Theron. Anyway, enjoy the video below.