2013 Ford Focus Coupe concept is stunning


Ford had a successful run with the Focus, and now it plans to take the 2013 Ford Focus to the next level. And that means going to the designer for a modern sportier look with a new body style.

The Ford Focus currently has a variety of body styles that include a five-door hatchback, a four-door sedan, a station wagon and an MPV. In addition, there is a convertible version and possibly a compact coupe coming out. Ford has sought out designer David Cardoso to draw up this new compact coupe version, and the result is so stunning that you forget to recognize it as a Ford. We were so mesmerized with this design, and we wondered if this rendering could actually make it to the production stage.

The 2013 Ford Focus Coupe concept is a 2+2 seat concept car. It has an aggressive styling that is inspired by the European Focus. Like most sports cars, the 2013 Ford Focus Coupe concept will have a lower ground clearance than the standard version to provide an aerodynamic look and stability at high speeds. And that is where we think this coupe will most like spends its time at high revs.

The 2013 Ford Focus Coupe rendering by David Cardoso has a very good chance of coming to reality. Ford plans to compete this coupe with the Honda CR-Z, Peugot RCZ, and possibly the Audi TT.

  • Jmpgrimes

    holy crap!! That focus coupe concept is red hot!!!!