DDR launches Miami GT supercar kits for Toyota MR2, Acura RSX, and Corvette LS


How would you like to have a supercar for 20 grand? Well, you can. DDR Motorsport just launched brand-new Miami GT kits that are inspired by the McLaren F1 style.

DDR Motorsport Miami GT kits are available for the Acura RSX, Toyota MR2 and even the Chevrolet Corvette LS Series. But of course, if you want to put the kit on the Acura RSX or Toyota MR2, you may want to upgrade the engine as well because you are surely going to get hit at the red light more often than you think, and you really need some juice under the hood to back your supercar look.

For $20k, this kit isn’t cheap. Basically, you get a full tube chassis, an unpainted fiberglass shell, lights, signals and all the window glasses. And like all full conversion kits, it is not just a simple bolt-on. If requires a lot cutting, priming and painting. If you are not Mr. DIY, you could look to have another $6k grand for installation and painting.

Overall, the the DDR Miami GT kit looks like an Acura NSX rather than the McLaren F1. And at $20k, this supercar kit looks cheesy. Your $20k is better well spent on a used Acura NSX instead.

Source: DDR Motorsport