Ferrari 458 Italia Grand Am racecar ready for U.S. race track


Ferrari has just rolled out its new Ferrari 458 Italia Grand Am racecar at the Fiorano circuit in Italy. This racecar has been developed to race in the North American series, and this is mainly the Grand Am series.

Porsche got is own 911 GT3, and Ferrari is seriously aiming the Ferrari 458 Italia Grand Am racecar at the car. The Ferrari 458 Italia Grand Am mid-engine racecar was developed in compliance with teh American series’ regulations, which the Ferrari 458 Italia’s engine has been detuned from 562 horsepower to 500 horsepower with the help of a restrictor plate and an 8,000 rpm rev limiter.

In addition to the power reduction, the car’s aerodynamics and suspension systems are also revised to meet U.S. racing regulations. The suspension has been beefed up to deal with the higher collision rate in American racing along with Continental tires, which features a very hard compound rubber.

It will be interesting to see how the Ferrari 458 Italia Grand Am racecar fares out with American Grand Am racecar such as the Corvette and the Japanese GTR, and not to mention the Porsche 911 as well.