2014 Mercedes-Benz MLC-Class crossover for young customers


With the recent success of the BMW X6 and Range Rover Evoque crossovers in high sales, Mercedes-Benz wants a piece of the pie in that segment as well. It plans to introduce an all-new flag ship to compete with these crossovers.

Mercedes-Benz is planning to release the new MLC-Class crossover, which is based on the M-Class four-wheel drive SUV.  But the Mercedes-Benz MLC-Class is a smaller and more elegant coupe-like form. In fact, it is not anything like the behemoth M-Class SUV. The look is completely different with different styling similar to the Mercedes-Benz sedan instead. From the grille, headlights and tail, it resembles the CLS model.

Like the BMW X6 and Range Rover Evoque crossovers, the Mercedes-Benz is aimed at younger customers and its sleek modern and sporty appearance. According to Auto Bild of Germany, the Mercedes-Benz MLC-Class will be powered by a range of gasoline and diesel engines, which includes from a 265-hp diesel engine to the top-range AMG engine with 544 horsepower. And it is expect to price at around € 62,000.

Source: Autobild.de


    MLC 63 AMG?

    • Vincent Van

      It is highly, likely that there will be a Mercedes-Benz MLC AMG version in the future.