Sporty Nissan Mixim EV Concept


Want to drive a green car but don’t want the bland look of an electric vehicle? Don’t worry, Nissan is cooking up its first sporty compact electric vehicle. I am not talking about the bug eye Nissan LEAF; it is the Nissan Mixim concept car, which is powered by a pair of so called “Super Motor” electric motor/generators. There are two separate electric motor/generators driving the front and rear axles. The Nissan Mixim runs on compact lithium-ion batteries, which extended the driving range. The Nissan Mixim first appear in January at the 2010 North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

It dubs to be a sporty compact car much like the Honda CR-Z. It has a distinctive, aerodynamic coupe shape with exterior styling that is highlighted by LED driving lights, a wraparound windscreen, an angular slash running through the center of the doors and triangular side windows that link the sloping roofline and ends with the sweptback rear. The Mixim has the same wheelbase as the Nissan Cube, but is more than 11 inches shorter in length.

One odd feature is that it has three seating configuration with the driver in the center position much like the McLarren. The cargo space can accommodate a fourth person when folded up. So far, this is just a concept and the production will change drastically, especially, the gull-wing doors.