2012 Toyota Prius hybrid plug-in is 27 percent more fuel efficient than diesel


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Toyota is near its launching date for the 2012 Prius plug-in, which is set in early 2012. But before Toyota launches its golden child Prius plug-in, it wants to assure customers that the new 2012 Prius plug-in is more fuel efficient than ever before by providing some real world test numbers to back it up. Here are some interim data from Toyota when it performed the test in London:

  • Average journey distance has been 7.3 miles, with 59 percent of all journeys covering between 3.1 and 12.4 miles
  • Average speed has been 17.7 miles per hour, with 69 percent of journeys at speeds less than 18.6 mph
  • Initial fuel consumption data indicates performance is 27 percent better than an equivalent diesel
  • Average recharging time is 72 minutes
  • Where drivers have access to a domestic charge point, more frequent recharging occurs
  • Twenty-two percent of drivers have even been able to drive further than the official 12.5-mile range in EV mode.
  • Electric-powered driving so far has accounted for one third of all miles driven in the PHEV demonstration.

These results show that the Prius’ hybrid plug-in performance is suited to the demands of urban driving.  The Prius hybrid plug-in is capable of running for up to 12.5 miles in pure electric mode at speed up to 62 mph. When the battery charge is run out, the Prius hybrid plug-in will switch to power from its hybrid system, which a 1.8-litre VVT-i gasoline engine will be switched over to run the car.