Audi A7 Sportback 3.0 TDI gets tuned by Senner


Yet another Audi car is at the mercy of the Senner Tuning, but rest assure that Senner Tuning has been churning out some fine modified cars for the past few decades. The new car up for chop is the Audi A7 Sportback 3.0 TDI sedan. The diesel-powered Audi A7 Sportback a substantial horsepower improvement as well as few exterior modifications to go with it.

In stock form, the Audi A7 Sportback is powered by a 3.0-liter TDI V6 diesel engine producing about 245 horsepower and 369 lb-ft of torque. But we all know that the V6 diesel engine has more potential than that. So the German firm Senner Tuning managed to squeeze out 306 horsepower and 457 lb-ft of torque with the help a remapped fuel curve in the ECU and a high-flow exhaust system.

To show a sporty side of the Audi A7 Sportback 3.0 TDI, Senner Tuning lowered the car all around by 30 mm and added new 20-inch alloy wheels wrapped in 275/35 R20 high performance tires.

If you don’t see the difference by the Audi A7 Sportback’s new look, then you can expect to hear its new throaty exhaust system.

  • 306 horsepower and 457 lb-ft torque?! That’s incredible, no wonder there has been so much hype about this model. I like the look that Senner has given it – subtle changes but a bit more mean.