2012 Ford Explorer with 2.0-liter EcoBoost rated at 20 mpg city and 28 mpg highway


The Ford Explorer SUV is getting to be a fuel miser these days. With the introduction of the 2012 Ford Explorer SUV to the market, Ford is adding a 2.0-liter EcoBoost engine to the lineup to attract more customers to the SUV market.

Indeed, the new 2012 Ford Explorer SUV is an extractive vehicle, but that alone will not help boost the sales figures due to the high gas prices. The new 2.0-liter EcoBoost engine should help ease the buying process a bit.

The new 2.0-liter four-cylinder EcoBoost engine produces 240 horsepower (at 5,500 rpm) and 270 lb-ft (at 3,000 rpm) of torque, and those are comparable power and torque to most V6 engines. But best of all, the engine is rated at 20 miles per gallon in the city, 28 mpg on the highway, and with a combined 23 mpg on regular 87-octane fuel. In miles per gallon comparison, the 2012 Ford Explorer with a 2.0-liter EcoBoost engine bested the Toyota Highlander by 12 percent and about 20 percent on the Honda Pilot.

The new 2.0-liter EcoBoost engine will only be available on front-drive models of the 2012 Ford Explorer. Even the new 2.0-liter engine has comparable power and torque to the bigger V6 engine, it suffers a loss in towing capacity, which drops from 5,000 pounds to only 2,000 pounds. Why is this so? Simply, it all goes back to leverage; the four-cylinder engine has lesser two connecting rods to push than the V6 engine with six. In comparison, the standard TiVCT V6 produces 283 horsepower at 6,500 rpm and 252 lb-ft of torque at 4,100 rpm. And fuel consumption figures are at 17 mpg city, 25 mpg highway, and 20 mpg combined.

The 2012 Explorer with 2.0-liter EcoBoost engine will go on sale in late August, and it has a $995 premium over a V6 model.


    Ford makes its impression in the
    class of large crossover SUVs with the new 2012 Ford Explorer.  With excellent fuel efficiency and good
    exterior dynamics, Explorer had stolen the eyes of most SUV fans.  2012 Explorer is all set to be one of the
    most noticeable Ford models of the year, with finest engine, comparatively
    better fuel efficiency and perfect ride and handling balance.