Dodge Ram 1500 PHEV plug-in hybrid trucks use San Francisco as a test bed


Ford is having its F-Series plug-in hybrid trucks coming out in 2013, but Chrysler is not about to take the sideline. It is planning to have its own plug-in hybrid truck for the U.S. as well.

Currently, Chrysler is testing its plug-in hybrid trucks across major cities in the U.S., and tomorrow, Chrysler will be delivering another 14 Ram 1500 PHEV prototypes to the City of San Francisco as part of its three-year evaluation program.

“The city [San Francisco] will evaluate the vehicles in real-world driving conditions and report regularly to Chrysler Group LLC all driving and charging experiences with the demonstration vehicles,” the Detroit automaker said in a statement.

The Ram 1500 PHEV plug-in hybrid truck is powered by a 5.7-liter HEMI V8 along a liquid-cooled 12.9-kWhr lithium-ion battery pack and a 6.6 kilowatt (kW) on-board charger. The hybrid system features a Multiple Displacement System (MDS) and a two-mode hybrid transmission.

It will be interesting see how the hybrid technology integrates with the gas guzzling big V8 engine. Chrysler is not admitting or commit to anything yet, and says that its plug-in hybrid trucks are just part of a demonstration program. And we all know too well about Chrysler in the past, most of their prototypes never made to the production stage.