Toyota announces pricing for 2011 Land Cruiser, 2012 Highlander and FJ models


Toyota has just announced new pricing for the 2012 Highlander, Land Cruiser and FJ models. The designs of these models remain the same, but that doesn’t stop Toyota from jacking up the prices a bit. Inflation perhaps?

The 2012 Toyota FJ is about $200 more than the current model,  and according to Toyota, it has some “worthy upgrades” for such a low price increase. The new 2012 Toyota FJ now commands a starting price of $25,990 for the 4×2 model equipped with a five-speed automatic transmission to $27,580 for the 4×4 model with a V6 automatic transmission.

For the 2012 Highlander SUV, it comes in both standard and hybrid trims. Luckily, its prices remain the same as last year from $28,090 for the Base 2WD four-cylinder with a six-speed automatic transmission to $37,045 for the Limited V6 model with a 5-speed automatic transmission. The hybrid version’s prices range from $38,140 for the Base 4WD to $43,795 for the Limited 4WD.

Lastly is the  Toyota  2011 Land Cruiser, which is now priced at $69,120, and that is about  more $200. All mentioned prices do not reflect the add-on destination charge of $810.

It seems like Toyota new pricing list for its SUV models reflects the inflation cost rather than the “worth upgrades” that Toyota wants us to think.