Honda CR-Z Mugen RR hybrid concept with more photos


Honda is releasing another round of photos of the new CR-Z Mugen RR hybrid concept, which it has no intention of building it. The Honda CR-Z Mugen RR hybrid concept takes on the design parts from the Honda CR-Z Mugen, which is actually will be a production car.

The CR-Z Mugen RR hybrid concept features carbon fiber bodywork and underbody tray, center-exit exhaust, forged 18-inch alloy wheels, four-piston calipers and a revised suspension as its concept study, which may later be carried over to the new Honda CR-Z.

As for the cabin, the CR-Z Mugen RR hybrid concept has a combination of orange leather and black Alcantara seats and a lot of carbon fiber trim on the dashboard, the door panels and the center console. In addition, a race-developed information screen that can record chassis and engine data while also housing a Satellite navigation and audio system.

Again, this orange CR-Z Mugen RR hybrid concept is purely for study of the design parts that we may get to see in the new Honda CR-Z version, or could it be that Honda is quietly developing a Honda CR-Z R-type-like version?