Evatran introduces wireless charging station for electric cars


Plug-in charging for electric cars can be a chore, and sometimes when you forget to charge at night, it will cost you a ride in the morning to work. The emerging of electric cars such as the Chevrolet Volts and Nissan Leaf now requires a much convenient method to charge these cars overnight. And this where Evatran comes in with its wireless charging station.

Wireless charging of electric cars is not a new ideal, it has been developed since the beginning of the electric car’s rise. Evatran is just not perfected the wireless charging station, and it hopes to bring its wireless charging station to both residential and commercial facilities. Evantran’s new wireless charging station is called the Plugless Power, and it is simple to use with just a drive up to the charging plate installed on the ground and the charging process begins.

Evatran is working with automakers to make the Plugless Power system available as a dealer option on new EVs or as a retrofit to existing vehicles. The wireless charging station can be order as an option on new electric vehicles.

Here is how the Plugless Power wireless charging station works:

  • Plugless Power recognizes your EV as it approaches and provides parking guidance.
  • Once the car is over the parking pad, the system communicates with your EV based on the SAE J1772 protocol used in corded systems, and automatically starts charging.
  • The indicator panel communicates charging status.
  • When your car is fully charged, the system turns off. And if you need to leave before charging is complete, simply back up and charging stops.
  • You can still use your normal plug-in system when you are away from home.