Honda’s New Solar Hydrogen Station in Los Angeles


A new home solar hydrogen station that is not only power your car but also your home. Honda has begun testing its operation of a next generation solar hydrogen station prototype at the Los Angeles Center of Honda R&D Americas. The new solar hydrogen is intended for use as a home refueling appliance that will be capable of an overnight refill of fuel cell electric vehicles. The solar hydrogen station will be compact enough that it will fit into a standard two-car garage, which can produce about 0.5kg of hydrogen in about 8 hours. That equates to about 10,000 miles per year for daily commuting.

The new solar hydrogen eliminate the need for a separate compressor entirely, which helps reduce the cost down dramatically and reduces the size of the station by 25 percent. Basically, the station would hook to the car overnight and fills it up without the need for a hydrogen storage. One neat thing about this solar hydrogen station is that during peak power times in the day, it can export renewable electricity generated from the solar panels to the grid to provide extra energy for your home. The new Solar Hydrogen Station will use about 48-panel, 6.0kW solar array that powered the previous solar hydrogen system. The array uses thin film solar cells composed of copper, indium, gallium and selenium.

The solar hydrogen station for home was created to be convenient, providing energy-efficient and sustainable home refueling. Hopefully, we will have more of these solar hydrogen stations not only in homes but also places like gas stations.