New Porsche 929 Concept may be resurrecting 2+2 seating coupe


Porsche may be bringing the Porsche 928 2+2 coupe back. The new Porsche 929 Concept Study has modern aerodynamic styling while maintaining the Porsche 928’s design heritage.

The Porsche 929 concept study is smaller than the Porsche Panamera but larger than the 911. Hence, a modern 2+2 coupe that can actually accommodate two full-size adults in the back. It is designed by UK designer Julliana Cho, and whether that Porsche will take it into consideration is another story.

We’ll have to wait to see how this Porsche 929 Concept will unfold, and it will be interesting to see the resurrection of the Porsche 928 2+2 seating platform. The Lamborghini Espada and Ferrari 330 GTC both are 2+2 seating coupes, and we’re guessing it’s about time Porsche resurrects the 928 model.