2012 Honda Civic hatchback powered by a revised 2.2L turbo-diesel engine


Honda is developing a new 2012 Honda Civic hatchback for Europe. As we know, European versions of Honda cars are different from North American versions. The new 2012 Honda Civic hatchback is said to be more powerful and fuel efficient.

The Frankfurt Motor Show is coming to a near, and Honda has finally released more details on the European 2012 Civic hatchback. The new 2012 Civic hatchback will be built at the Swindon UK factory. It will be equipped with a revised 2.2-liter turbo diesel engine producing 150 horsepower, which is about 10 horsepower more than the outgoing 2.2-liter CDTi engine. The revised engine is mated to a manual gearbox.

Honda claims the revised turbo-diesel engine is more fuel efficient with the help of low friction internal parts and an auto stop-start system. CO2 emissions were reduced to 110 g/km as well. No official word on the new miles per gallon, but we expect it to be lowered as well due to the reduction in CO2 emissions.

“To achieve a good CO2 figure, you need to optimise every aspect of the car,” said Katsushi Watanabe, Development Leader for the engine. “Reducing the emissions was our key target and we’re proud to say that we have achieved this without compromising the high performance character of the engine. We want our customers to have fun when they drive this car.”

The 2012 Honda Civic hatchback for Europe will make its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show next month, and it is expected to go on sale in early 2012.