2013 BMW i3 all-electric car spotted in Chicago


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The have been an onslaught of presentations of the new 2013 BMW i3 electric car. The undisguised electric car was spotted while rolling down Wacker Drive in Chicago for its promotional video shoot. 

The new 2013 BMW i3 is an all-new rear-wheel-drive EV hatchback. It is powered an electric motor mounted over the rear axle, producing about 170-horsepower.  Battery juice is provided by a liquid-cooled lithium-ion battery pack.

There is ample space for passengers and cargo due to the flat floor setup in the 2013 BMW i3 electric car. Bench seats are used for the front and rear, which each bench seat can accommodate four people, and along with about seven cubic feet of cargo space.

The new 2013 BMW i3 all-electric car is making a video in Chicago, which means that the U.S. market will get this new all-electric car in 2012 as well.