Morgan all-electric Aero Supersport Concepts are set for future production


Morgan Motors is probably one of the oldest and most traditional carmakers in the world, which has started building vehicles since 1909. Now, the company is propeling its cars into the 21st century by equipping it with an all-electric powertrain.

The company has joined with British technology specialists for the collaborative research and development of two new pure-electric Aero Supersport Concepts.

The Morgan new prototypes are based on the Aero Supersport’s aluminium chassis, which will be powered by a new Zytek’s electric powertrain. The electric powertrain is rated at 93 horsepower and 221 pound-feet of torque, and it uses a lithium-ion battery pack as a source of energy. Interestingly, the electric motor is mated to a convention manual transmission, which Morgan claims:

“Keeping the motor in its sweet spot will help it use energy more efficiently, which will increase the vehicle’s range,” explains Zytek’s engineering programme manager Neil Cheeseman. “It also allows us to provide lower gearing for rapid acceleration from pull-away and higher gearing for top speed. It should also make the car more engaging for keen drivers.”

The collaborative research and development project is partly funded by a £100,000 grant from the Niche Vehicle Network CR&D Programme. Morgan hopes to have the Aero Supersport production model out by next year.