2013 Volkswagen Up! will be initially powered by a diesel engine


Volkswagen is introducing its new Up model to the compact car segment. The VW Up was first introduced in 2007 and again as the to be 2013 Volkswagen E-Up! electric prototype last year.

Instead of an all-electric Up!, Volkswagen will be making it just as a standard Up! with a conventional combustion engine. The 2013 VW Up! is measured at 3.54 meters (11.6 ft) long, 1.48 meters (4.9 ft) high, and 1.64 (5.4 ft) meters wide, which is a bit smaller than the VW Polo. Thanks to the generous wheelbase of 2.42 meters (7.9 ft), it has seating for five passengers and offers about 251 liters (33.6 cu ft) of cargo capacity.

Power for this Volkswagen Up! will be provided by a 1.0-liter three-cylinder diesel engine with turbo boost. The engine comes in two variants of a 60-hp and a 75-hp. The 60-hp engine provides a combined fuel return of 56 mpg (4.2 liter/100 km) while the 75-hp engine provides 55 mpg (4.3 liter/100 km) with 105 g/100 km and 108 g/km of CO2 emissions, respectively.

Initial offering of the 2013 Volkswagen Up! will just come with a 5-speed manual transmission in 2012, and later an automatic transmission later in the year.

The 2013 VW Up! will be available in three trims of Take Up, Move Up and Down High. The Take Up! base model will start at 9,800 Euros. It will come with features such the City Emergency Braking System, which uses a laser sensor to prevent an accident by automatically applying the brake if the driver fails to notice on a coming object. The emergency braking system is able to operate at speed up to 18 mph.

Other features of the 2012 VW Up! also include the Personal Infotainment Device featuring a navigation system, telephone, and radio.

The 2013 Volkswagen Up! will make its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show this mid-September.