Mazda pulls the plug on the RX-8 production


19442Mazda RX-8″ /Mazda-RX-8

It was an on and off news, but Mazda has finally decided to pull the plug on the RX-8 sports car. With dramatic declining sales and stricter global emissions standards, Mazda finally throw in the towel for rotary power.

With only 1,134 cars were sold last year and sales of the Mazda RX-8 are down 21 percent through July of 2011, it is hard to sustain the production of the RX-8. And last year, Mazda was forced to remove its RX-8 from European showrooms after it failed to meet European emissions standards.

Even though Mazda stops production of the RX-8, it has made clear that it hasn’t giving up on its rotary engine just yet. Unless Mazda somehow manage to improve fuel efficiency and emissions, or else we may be seen the end of the rotary power era.