2011 Land Rover Defender SUV got decked out by Vilner


If you think the rise in gas prices will cause Land Rover to stop producing its Defender off-roader, think again. The Land Rover Defender is a utilitarian SUV, which doesn’t get all the luxury amenities like its big brother, the Range Rover. But that is about to change with Vilner’s revision of the interior.

Vilner is introducing a styling package for the 2011 Land Rover Defender. The styling package includes significant luxury improvements to the interior. It also comes with an entertainment package along with sound insulation material to keep the noise and heat down inside the cabin.

The Vilner Defender SUV is covered in leather throughout the interior, such as in the new center console, ceiling, door trims and parts of the dashboard are all covered in a rustic brown leather. To provide entertainment, it now features a new 600-watt entertainment system, which consists of two LCD screens in front and back.

Other features for the 2011 Land Rover Defender SUV include new ambient lighting for the interior, LED lighting integrated into the instruments and control settings, and leather front bucket seats.

The exterior received a few modifications as well. It is fitted with xenon HID headlights and spotlights for night hunting along with black-painted checker plate on top of the front guards.

Vilner has not released pricing for the package, but we expect it to be very expensive.