Tom Cruise can drive an F1 car and do a 360 degree on a copter


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You may have known Tom Cruise in Days of Thunder and Top Gun movies, but you don’t know that he can drive an F1 car and do a 360 degree on a helicopter. Last week, Tom Cruise got into the Red Bull F1 car and doing about 186 mph around the circuit at California’s Willow Springs raceway.

Red Bull has released a video of Tom Cruise doing the laps with its F1 car, and David Coulthard as the coach. According to David Coulthard, former F1 driver, Tom seems to have done a good job, since Tom’s top speed was just about 4 mph slower than Coulthard’s.

If you don’t know, F1 race cars are very hard to drive. At speeds near 200 mph, with just one slight mistake, you could be off the track instantly. And Tom Cruise has proved it so in the video.

In addition to Tom Cruise driving the Red Bull F1 car, he also can fly a helicopter as well. But to top it off, he can even do a 360 degree maneuver as well. Check out the video below, you will be amazed what this famous actor can do.