Audi releases more eye-candy photos of Urban Sportback and Spyder Concepts


Audi is seriously planning to turn the¬†Urban Sportback and Spyder Concepts to production models for the masses. About two weeks ago, we got the first look of both concept models from a few sketches and videos, which didn’t make the Urban Sportback and Spyder Concepts look all that great. But these new photos show a more tantalizing side of these concept cars.

The Urban Sportback and Spyder Concepts are designed to be small and light-weight cars for the city. These concept cars were inspired by the Audi eSpira concept model, which was first revealed as a sketch in 2009. To provide a light-weight body, both cars are constructed of carbon fibre-reinforced polymer and aluminum. Both of the Urban Sportback and Spyder Concepts are run on pure electric. Two electric motors are used to propel the cars, and power is provided by a lithium-ion battery pack.

The Urban Sportback model has a 1+1 seat configuration with the the passenger positioned back and to left of the driver. The car features a canopy that slides up and to the rear for access. And for the Spyder Concept, it uses two side doors that open up diagonally for access.

The Audi Urban Sportback and Spyder Concepts will make its appearance at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show in September, and more details will be revealed.