Volvo and Siemens partnering to develop new electric cars


20116Volvo Siemen eletric car-1″ /Volvo-Siemen-eletric-car-1

Volvo and Siemens are in partnership for the development of electric vehicles. The partnership program will be mainly focus on electric drive technology, power electronics, charging technology and the integration of all those systems in Volvo’s existing C30 Electric project.

“We are very happy to have Siemens as a partner,” said President and CEO of Volvo, Stephan Jacoby. “We are moving ahead quickly in this area and our aim is to be first with the latest electrification technology.”

Volvo will be mainly developing the chassis and everything else in the car while Siemens will be developing the electric motors and related electric components. Currently, Siemens’ electric motors able to produce a maximum output of 145 horsepower and 162 pound-feet of torque.

The Volvo prototypes with Siemens electric motors will begin testing by the end of this year, and Volvo plans to deliver 200 units to company fleets for testing by the end of 2012.

Volvo plans to produce the C30 Electric in limited production later this year.