Nissan Nismo GT-R GT3 finished endurance race with no sweat


Nissan has just introduced its new GT-R GT3 to compete in the GT3 series racing division, which will compete with the likes of Audi R8 GT, Porsche 911 GT3, and even the McLaren MP4-12 GT3. And that is a tough crowd to beat. But no worries because the Nissan GT-R is no stranger to the top notch racing scene, after all, it was born as a race machine. Recently, it just competed in a new endurance race, and it came in sixth place in its class.

The new Nissan GT3 GT-R was jointly developed between JR Motorsports and Nismo Nissan. The new car proved to be 100 percent reliable with its initial run for three hours to cross the finishing line in eight place overall, and sixth place in its class out of 35 entries, without any mechanical failure. And that’s impressively done for this new endurance racer.

According to the GT-R GT3’s driver, Richard Westbrook, said:

“The car run like clockwork – I had to remind myself that this was its first race”, while his team mate, David Brabham, added that the Nissan “is so easy to drive, it doesn’t take long to dial yourself into a good rhythm.”