Citroën Tubik Concept Van is the futuristic love mobile


If one thing the French is really good at, and that’s romance. To show off its national pride, the French automaker Citroën is introducing the new love mobile of the future called the Tubik Concept Van. Remember the VW Transporter?

According to Citroën, the Tubik is “a concept car designed to make travel meaningful again.” We’re not really sure if that is only Citroën’s intention, but surely it will make a lot of young couples happy for this futuristic love shack.

Citroën Tubik Concept Van is a redesigned model of the 1939 Tub van and its replacement, the 1948 Type H that was produced up until the beginning of the 1980s. The Tubik Concept Van is intended to be a modern take on the boxy MPV shape. It will serve as both a commercial van and a people carrier with the 4.8 meters long, 2.08 meters wide and 2.05 meters tall model providing comfortable space for nine passengers in three lounge-style seats, with the driver in a separated compartment.

The Citroën Tubik Concept Van has three rows of seats. The first row of seats allows two people to sit facing either the road or the other passengers. While the middle row can seat up to three people or can be converted into a small table.

Power will be provided by PSA Peugeot-Citroën group’s new Hybrid4 hybrid diesel drivetrain.

The Citroën Tubik Concept Van will make its debut at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show in less than two weeks from now. So stay tuned, we’ll have more details coming soon.