Volvo ‘Mean Green’ hybrid truck takes on Ferrari at drag race


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Ferrari is a fast sports car indeed, and everybody wants a piece of it. And the less likely candidate to take on the Ferrari car would be a Volvo truck. But this is no ordinary Volvo truck, it is called the ‘Mean Green’ hybrid truck.

The Volvo ‘Mean Green’ hybrid truck packs a monstrous beast under the hood. It is powered by a 16-liter twin-turbo engine that unleashes out 1,900 horsepower along with another 200 horsepower from electric motor. The total power output when the gas pedal hits metal on full throttle is 2,100 horsepower.

From the drag race video, the Volvo ‘Mean Green’ hybrid truck starts out slow, but it soon catches up to the Ferrari 360 Spider really fast to result in a photo finish “_?_” (you’ll decide) at the line. And if both cars were to cover more distance, the Volvo ‘Mean Green’ hybrid truck would leave the Ferrari 360 Spider in the dust.