Toyota FT-86 sports coupe in latest iteration


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Anytime now we will get to the production version of the Toyota FT-86. Well, that anytime may be nearing as Toyota is polishing up its final production version of the long-awaited FT-86 sports coupe.

The latest iteration of the FT-86 rear-wheel drive sports coupe will soon make its debut at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show less than two weeks from now, and it will have all bells and whistles of a true sports car. But will it be affordable like Toyota original had it vision? Well, that’s a $22,000 question that wish it stays that way.

According to Toyota, this latest iteration is a slightly revised version of the FT-86 II concept that we’ve already seen at the Geneva Motor Show earlier this year. It has been reported that this latest iteration will be faster than the previous version.

There are more questions than answers every time Toyota comes out with a new version of the FT-86. Anyways, Toyota has just released another teaser video of the latest edition of the FT-86 sports coupe. Jump below for another taste of this agonizing, long-awaited sports coupe. For crying out loud, Toyota, finalize this car already!