Kia RWD concept leaked out with new images and name


Kia plans to debut its new RWD concept at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show, but recent new images of the new rear-wheel drive sports sedan were leaked out along with its concept name.

It turns out that the new Kia RWD concept car will be simply called the ‘GT’, which the moniker was attached to the rear license plate holder of the car in the new photos. The new photos also reveal more of the car’s design than previous cropped photos distributed by Kia last month. In addition, we get to see the full interior of the Kia GT concept as well, which appears to be luxurious. Is Kia shooting the GT concept as a high-end sport luxury car or is it simply just for show in the concept model?

We are not sure at the moment if the Kia GT concept will be in the same class as the Aston Martin, but we’ll definitely get some answers when it hits the red carpet at the Frankfurt show next week.

Source: via Car and Driver