Eterniti Motors Hemera Super-SUV looks like Porsche Cayenne


British car company Eterniti Motors has introduced today its “world’s first Super-SUV” called Hemera, and yes, it does look like a Porsche Cayenne on steroid.

So the “world’s first Super-SUV” is basically a ripoff design of the Porsche Cayenne model. How blatantly can you be? Obviously, Eterniti Motors needs a lesson from Hyundai on how to be a not so “obvious copy cat”.

Aside from the look alike Porsche Cayenne, lets see whats the Hemera SUV got that makes it so super dubber. For starter, the Hemera SUV is said to have an engine that produces about 620 horsepower and features a four-wheel drive system. Eterniti Motors claims the Hemera can reach a top speed of 180 miles per hour. In addition to the enormous horsepower, the Hemera SUV will be equipped with all the luxury amenities of a limousine-like.

So far, Eterniti Motors hasn’t spilled much info on the Hemera SUV. So, does a few specs mentioned above make the Eterniti Motors Hemera a super SUV? We don’t think so. If Eternity Motors thinks the horsepower output alone makes the Hemera a super SUV, think again. Take the Hennessey Cadillac SUV with 1,000 horsepower for an example, it got the luxury, power and speed to put the Hemera SUV to shame.

Anyways, the Eterniti Motors Hemera SUV will make its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show next week, and we’ll the full story on this Super-SUV.

Update: 9/14/2001

The Hemera SUV is confirmed to be powered by a revised 4.8-litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine producing about 607 horsepower. Eterniti said that the Hemera SUV will have a starting price of around £150,000 ($237,000).