AC Schnitzer tuning up the BMW 1M and 650i convertible


AC Schnitzer is well known for tuning up BMW cars, and this time, the company turns its attention to the new BMW 1 Series M CoupeĀ  and the BMW 650i convertible. These cars have more potential underneath, and AC Schnitzer wants to tap in that power.

For the BMW 1M coupe, it gets a healthy boost in the power output from 360 horsepower to 400 horsepower, while the BMW 650i convertible has its power band widened dramatically from 407 horsepower to 540 horsepower. For stopping power and handling, both cars feature new brake and suspension packages to help handle the new found power. And as always, AC Schitzer also throw in a bunch of functional aero modifications to help with the down-force and as the same time providing an aggressive presence. These aero parts include a carbon front spoiler, chromed front grille, and carbon rear diffuser.

As for the interiors of the BMW 1M and 650i convertible, AC Schnitzer has added its customized touches of Alcantara leather to the the seats, steering wheel, and everywhere else. Even the pedals got the aluminum treatment to show off its presence of sportiness and power.