2012 Honda CR-V Concept makes world debut at Orange County Auto Show


Honda has first revealed a photo of the 2012 Honda CR-V Concept back in July without much information about it, and now today, the 2012 Honda CR-V Concept made its first public appearance at the Orange County International Auto Show in Anaheim, California. 

The 2012 Honda CR-V Concept will be in its fourth-generation, and it has been redesigned to an all-new style of a more aggressive look with deeper body sculpting lines and a bolder front fascia. In addition, large 5-spoke alloy wheels and bold fender flares emphasize its sporty and aerodynamic appearance.

With the all-new 2012 CR-V crossover, Honda promises that it will feature a more fuel-efficient engine and reduced body weight. Also, the 2012 CR-V will have an a redesigned interior as well.

“The 2012 CR-V Concept strongly hints at the more dynamic and refined look of the upcoming model,” said John Mendel, executive vice president of sales for American Honda. “As the best-selling SUV in each of the past four years, the 2012 CR-V promises to build on its highly successful formula with even more style, innovative features and higher fuel economy.”

The 2012 CR-V crossover is set to go on sale in the United States by the end of the year. And if the production model will remain the same as the concept model is another question.

Stay tuned, we’ll have more news updated for the 2012 Honda CR-V rolls out. In the meantime, watch a new video of the 2012 Honda CR-V Concept below.