Nissan and Mitsubishi confirm plans to share Fuga sedan


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Numerous reports from a few days ago state that Nissan is letting Mitsubishi shares the architecture of the Fuga sedan for its future sedans. Today, both companies have confirmed such plans.

Mitsubishi has been lagging on design exceptional cars since the 1998 Eclipse model, and now the company is borrowing the successful design of the Fuga sedan, also known the Infiniti M in the U.S., to revitalize the company. Nissan plans to supply the Fuga to Mitsubishi in the beginning of summer of 2012.

It will be interesting to see the Infiniti M under the Mitsubishi’s badge, and whether the Mitsubishi Infiniti-based sedan is cheaper and different than the Infiniti version is something that we’re really looking forward to see.