Ebaymotors gave a shot at doing a car show


If all the copy car shows of Top Gear have failed all over the world, just maybe Ebaymotors car show could pull this off. The company is setting up a web-based car show called the “The World’s Fastest Car Show” with Justin Bell as a host. He is recognized as a championship race driver at the 24 Hours of Le Mans and the FIA GT series.

The first inaugural episode below with Justin Bell takes us through some of the recent fast and most exotic cars such as the Ford Mustang Boss 302 and the Cadillac Ciel.  He even takes us for a test drive in the new Ford Mustang Boss 302 on Mullholland Drive, which is famous for its raceway hideout in the past. Just hope that the City of Hollywood doesn’t fine him for speeding in its neighborhood when watching this show.

Well, the first episode seems interesting and exciting to watch, and we think that Justin Bell did a genuine job at hosting it. Although in the introduction of the episode, he almost sounded like Richard Hammond from Top Gear, which we don’t think is a good association; people could somehow translate “The World’s Fastest Car Show” as another copy of the Top Gear show, and that is not good by any means.

The World’s Fastest Car Show will debut a new episode each week with new sports cars and test drives, so be sure to tune in. In the meantime, check out the first episode below.

  • Vincent

    Good catch, thanks.

  • The host is Justin Bell, rather than “Justine.” Thanks!