Nissan working on a 3-min supercharging system for its electric Leaf car


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Nissan is pushing to the frontier of the electric charging system for electric cars. Current technology allows a full charge of the battery pack on most electric vehicles in at least three hours through a 220V charging system, but Nissan is working on a supercharging technology that will reduce that time only to three minutes. Sound hard to believe? But it’s doable according to the researchers at Kansai University in Japan.

Nissan is working on a super-rapid charging system that can recharge a battery in just 10 minutes. Researchers at Kansai University and Nissan engineers have created a new capacitor electrode consisted of tungsten oxide and vanadium oxide, which can hold more power and reducing the charging time without reducing capacity or voltage. But there is still more work to be done. During repeated charging of the new capacitor, it suffered a durability issue. Once the durability issue is resolved, the researchers plan on to reduce the charging time even further to less than three minutes.

While this is not a new achievement, JFE Engineering of Japan has also made great stride in this area last year with its super-rapid charging system that can charge in less than three minutes, and Nissan is working toward that goal with its own product.

The super-rapid charging system is still early in the research and development stage, and it will take at least 10 years to commercialize this product. If this product comes to reality in 10 years from now, we may see the end of the conventional gas engine era. Just like the shift from VHS tape to CD if you remember.

Source: PaulTan