Porsche Cayman with a widebody and 420 horsepower from Delavilla


If you are not satisfied with the power output or even with the look of the Porsche Cayman anymore, perhaps a French tuning company Delavilla can cure your ailment. The French tuning company is redesigning the Porsche Cayman with a widebody twist. In addition, the company is tweaking up the engine to churn out more power to near the Porsche 911’s territory.

The French company Delavilla has been tuning Porsche models since 2007. The company is currently working on the new Cayman R1, Cayenne, Panamera, and Speedster, and this Porsche Cayman R1 is finishing product out of the bunch. The new widebody kit adds 4.7-inches in width to the front and about 7.1 inches to the rear. The widebody kit consists of the front and rear bumpers, side panels, and fenders to make the Porsche Cayman, well, looked a lot bigger. The front bumper comes with LED daytime running lights, while larger alloy wheels are needed to accommodate the bulging fenders.

Additional upgrades include quad tail pipes, Alcantara trim and bucket seats for the interior. Besides the widebody kit, Delavilla has also tuned the Porsche Cayman R1 to 420 horsepower, but this power package is mainly reserved for track use only. If that is too much power for you to handle and you don’t spend too much time at the track, Delavilla tuning company also offers two other lowered power packages of 340 horsepower and 385 horsepower.

No pricing list has released yet for the Delavilla Porsche Cayman R1, but we expect it to add at least another 30 grand to the sticker price.