Nissan LEAF soon to have wireless charging system just like iPhone


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We have known there are a couple of companies out there that are working on a wireless charging system for electric cars, with first one comes to mind is Tesla Motors. Now Nissan has created its own floor-mounted wireless charging station for the Leaf.

Without any fuss to get out and plug in the Leaf electric car, the driver would just only need to drive over the floor where the wireless charging system is installed, then the charging station will recognize the Leaf and begin the charging process. There is also a smartphone app that would allow a command to charge or not as well.

Like most new technologies, the new wireless charging system would require an installation of a charging pad underneath the Nissan Leaf electric car. And even so, a new battery system is required to operate as well. Nissan says that the 2013 Nissan Leaf will be equipped with this type of installation to work with wireless charging system seamlessly. Owners of older Nissan Leaf electric cars would need to change out the old battery system, and that would cost a bundle of money.

The new wireless charging system for the Nissan Leaf electric car will be will be available for both public and private installation.