Honda AC-X Concept plug-in hybrid with manual ‘engine drive mode’


Honda is bringing a new hybrid concept car to the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show called the AC-X Concept, which seems to compete with the BMW i3 model.

The Honda AC-X Concept is actually a plug-in hybrid model with a manual selector for “engine drive model” only. So there are times if you just want to hear only the sound of the gasoline engine roars, the manual selector will provide for such an aggressive driving occasion.

The Honda AC-X Concept is a study of a next-generation plug-in hybrid car offers comfort and convenience for both long trips and urban driving. Power for the Honda AC-X Plug-in Hybrid Concept is provided by a 1.6 liter gasoline engine and coupled with a 120kw electric motor. With combined power, the Honda AC-X plug-in hybrid makes 127 horsepower on tap.

While the power sounds minimum, the 127-hp power output is sufficient to propel this light-weight car. The Honda AC-X Concept plug-in hybrid can travel up to 620 miles on a full tank of gas and a full charge of its lithium-ion battery pack, and that is twice the distance claimed  by the Chevrolet Volt. In the break down, the Honda AC-X Concept plug-in hybrid in EV-only mode provides a cruising range of 50 kilometers and a maximum electric-only top speed of 62 mph.

To further enhance the fuel efficiency, the Honda AC-X Concept plug-in hybrid is built with active aero parts all over, which include a front bumper, side skirts and rear diffuser all to help it glides through the airspace. Honda claims that the Honda AC-X Concept plug-in hybrid has a drag coeffficient of 0.21 cD, and that is slippery by any standards.

Despite much of future technologies presented on the Honda AC-X Concept plug-in hybrid, it is likely that we will see it to compete with such cars like the BMW i3 or Nissan Leaf in the near future.