Subaru BRZ GT300 racer coupe tearing down the tarmac


Still can’t enough of the new Subaru BRZ sports coupe? Well, get ready for the racer version called the Subaru BRZ GT300. The Subaru BRZ GT300 fires up the track and it is looking mighty powerful and fast.

The Subaru BRZ GT300 racer will compete in the meanest class of the 2012 SUPER GT series in Japan. Like most racing cars, the Subaru BRZ GT300 is stripped to the  bare minimum but gets more horsepower than the standard version. Power for the SUPER GT series is limited to 300 horsepower, which means that the Subaru BRZ GT300 gets an even 300 horsepower from its 2.0-liter boxer engine. This means that the Subaru BRZ GT300’s power gets boosted from a turbocharger, and as we translated, the standard Subaru BRZ sports coupe will likely gets a turbo somewhere in the near future.

So far, not much info on the Subaru BRZ GT300 racer version, and Subaru plans to drop some more information when the racer car makes its debut at the 2012 Tokyo Auto Salon. In the meantime, check out the first official video on the Subaru BRZ GT300 as its tearing down the tarmac.