GM engineers working on fixes for Chevrolet Volt’s battery fire issues


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As you may have heard of a recent battery fire on the Chevrolet Volt electric car. GM has to recall to fix the battery problem that was caught on fire during a crash. A formal investigation by the NHTSA has concluded that the cause of the fire was by the leaking of the coolant from the lithium-ion battery pack.

To fix the battery fire problem, General Motors engineers are working rapidly on fixes for the coolant system on battery pack. The repair would consist of laminating the circuitry in the Chevrolet Volt’s battery pack to provide more reinforcement around the lithium-ion battery case. As a result, this would protect the coolant from leaking out in a crash.

According to GM engineers, the final proposed fixes would be available to senior management by the end of the week, and the fixes should cost around $1,000 per car.