Toyota Prius GT300 gets ready for some racing in SuperGT Series


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A Toyota Prius as a racer? Who would ever thought such a cutie car would be seen in the racing arena. But that is what exactly Toyota is planning for the Prius racer version in the SuperGT Series.

Toyota is prepping up the Toyota Prius GT300 racer car to produce about 300 horsepower for the GT300 race class. Not much info is released on the Toyota Prius GT300, but it would be interesting on how Toyota manages to squeeze out 300 horsepower from this hybrid powertrain. From what we know, the only way to do this is to slap on a turbocharger, just like the Mugen Honda CR-Z. In comparison the standard version of the Toyota Prius is equipped with a 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine and an electric motor to produce a combined power output of 134 horsepower. It’s able to reach top speed of 112 mph and can do a “0-60 mph” in 9.8 seconds.

Whatever the case, Toyota Racing Development has its work cut out for them to turn the Toyota Prius into a racer. Although nothing is official yet, but with the given GT300’s regulations, the Toyota Prius GT300 would need to get near below the 300-hp mark as much as possible.

Source: Jon Sibal