New Track Pack for Nissan GT-R sports car


Year after year, the Nissan GT-R has become increasingly powerful, and this year is now exception either. The company has just rolled out the new Track Pack package for the Nissan GT-R sports car.

The Nissan GT-R sports car with being a tuner’s favorite car to modify, Nissan is banking on this interest to produce its own performance parts instead of letting the aftermarket manufacturers do the tuning. We couldn’t argue more. The Nissan GT-R is a sophisticated machine, who else would be better to the tuning tasks than Nissan. But unlike the name says, the Track Pack can be used in both public road and the track.

The recently updated Nissan GT-R got a bit of a power boost to 542 horsepower from its twin-turbo V6 engine, so there is no need for more power in the Track Pack package. But instead the Track Pack is heavily emphasized on tuning of the suspension system to give more agility and grip through the twists and turns at the track. The package consists of extra ducting for the front and rear brakes, lighter six-spoke Rays alloys, and a stiffer adjustable suspension system.

According to Nissan UK, the Track Pack is priced at £10,000 ($15,000) on top of the sticker price of £74,450 ($116,000) for the Nissan GT-R. No words yet of whether the Track Pack will be available in the U.S., which we think it will likely be so.

  • Robert cena

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