Hennessey Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 gets your grocery shopping done faster


When it comes to horsepower in any four-wheelers, the sky is the limit for Hennessey Performance. We’ve have seen the Hennessy Cadillac SUV with 1,000 horsepower, but that seems to be expensive for most people. So, Hennessey Performance is introducing its version of 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 that is down to earth in both pricing and horsepower. Well, sort of.

If you want some serious butt kicking horsepower in your SUV, Hennessey Performance got the 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 with a staggering 805 horsepower for your desire. In stock form, the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 is powered by a 6.4-liter V8 engine producing 465hp and 465 lb-ft of torque, and it is priced at MSRP $55,295. But that stock power is no where near the level of satisfaction for the Hennessey Performance shop. The company over bored the displacement to 7.0-liters and slapped on a twin-turbo system to boost power to about 805 horsepower and 823 pound-feet of torque.

The performance results of this modification for the Hennessey Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 are a 0-60 mph time of just 3.1 seconds and a quarter-mile in 10.9 seconds at 130 mph.

Besides the engine upgrade, the Hennessey Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 also get a heavy duty transmission and torque converter to accommodate the power increase. Stopping power is provided by a new set Brembo brakes. And for cosmetic looks, on the exterior it gets a set of new lightweight 20-inch wheels along with a carbon fiber front lip spoiler.

If you think that the 805 horsepower for the Hennessey Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 is shocking, wait till you see the price on this behemoth. It is has a starting price of $235,000. Ouch! Who said that you can’t buy love? Horsepower love in this case.