Savage Rivale four-seater super sports car will make you day dreaming


As if the look of the new Savage Rivale supercar doesn’t make you salivate already, the company has just unleashed a video to let your imagination takes you away on a new lifestyle.

The new Savage Rivale supercar not only can go fast, but it also can carry up to four persons including the driver. That way, you can take your friends around town in style or make a big entrance at a high-end club. Rather than just a hardtop version of a supercar, the Savage Rivale also has a retractable hardtop. But best of all, the Savage Rivale supercar has a third door in the back, which can be lifted up for rear seat access.

The supercar is powered by a 7.0-liter V8 engine that came from the Corvette Z06. The engine, however, is tuned to 600 horsepower. What more can you ask from a supercar like the Savage Rivale? It is practical and stylish. Check out the video above to give yourself a day dream of this four-seater, convertible supercar. You deserve it.