Schmidt Revolution Volkswagen Golf GTI is dark and sinister looking


The new Volkswagen Golf GTI is a cutie pie with a kick butt horsepower and handling, but you don’t need to settle for that factory look. Schmidt Revolution gives it some new skin and power to show its true inner self.

Schmidt Revolution is offering a tuning package for the Mk5 Volkswagen Golf GTI hatchback that includes both performance and styling upgrades. On the exterior, the VW Golf GTI gets new red accented grille along with matching 19-inch red and black wheels wrapped in Margangoni tires. The car has been dropped to about an inch with sport tuned suspension to give it an aggressive stance. The R32 bumper has been replaced out with the original bumper to accommodate a dual exhaust system in the rear.

As for the interior of the Schmidt Revolution Volkswagen Golf GTI, it gets a new Kenwood navigation system along with red “Shmidt” stick along the top of the front windshield.

Attractiveness is one part of the Schmidt Revolution Volkswagen Golf GT hatchback. The tuning company also upgraded the ECU and air intake of the the 2.0-liter TSFI engine to squeeze out another 74 horsepower, which it now has a total power output of 271 horsepower.

We know that there are many VW GTI enthusiasts out there who have been waiting for this new car since last year, and the upgrades from Schmidt Revolution are just more icing on the cake.