New Cadillac XTS to have safety tech from autonomous vehicles


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The development of autonomous vehicles is still in its infant stage. We’ve have seen success of autonomous vehicles such as the Google car last year, but it is still required remote supervision while driving by itself in San Francisco. Instead of waiting the autonomous vehicle come to fruition, GM engineers extract some of that technology as safety feature in the new 2013 Cadillac XTS.

For the 2013 Cadillac XTS sedan, the active safety systems include adaptive cruise control, intelligent brake assist, forward collision alert, automatic collision preparation, lane departure warning, blind spot alert, a heads up display, and so on. All of these safety features are incorporated into one system, which GM called it “senor fusion”. The “senor fusion” combines multiple inputs from the sensors and process the information as a whole to determine the best route to avoid a collision.

“No sensor working alone provides all the needed information. That’s why multiple sensors and positioning technologies need to work together synergistically and seamlessly,” Litkouhi said. “Sensor fusion will help facilitate that.”

According to Bakhtiar Litkouhi, GM Research and Development lab group manager for perception and vehicle control systems, “provide advisory, warning, and control interventions to help drivers avoid collisions and save lives.”

In addition to the sensors, future of the “sensor fusion” system development will be more advanced, which will incorporate advanced positioning system, more accurate GPS and digital mapping. Watch a brief introduction on sensor fusion by Mr. Litkouhi in the video below.