New Hyundai i-oniq concept leaked all over Web


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Guess you can’t keep a secret if you have done something. Hyundai has managed to keep its i-oniq concept under the cover for a while, and for the past three months, the company has been given us only a funky teaser photo that is not worth posting. But no matter how secretive you are in the automotive business, there is always that insider guy.

Well, the Korean Car Blog got first hold of the official image of the i-oniq concept, and now is all over the Internet. From the photo, we see of a more fluid design on the i-oniq concept, which seems to resemble the Nissan 370Z with a rear end extended.

The new Hyundai i-oniq concept could be interpreted as a crossover or coupe, but we think the later. It is measured at around 173 inches in length, and it will have a hybrid powertrain, which consists of a small gasoline engine and a pair of motors in the rear axle.

That is all we have for now on the new Hyundai i-oniq concept, so stay tuned as we have more details when it debuts week at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show.